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 Your crew did a great job protecting the asphalt, roof, surrounding cars and had no complaints from pedestrians on the street. The crew worked safely without any incidents throughout the project.

- Dispatch Newspaper
 Your men did an excellent job of keeping everything organized and cleaned up. They also did a good job of communicating with us for areas available to paint in order to keep up with the schedule. Martin Painting was efficient and the quality was good.

- Bob Evans Headquarters
 Painting work always boosts morale and I really like working with Martin Painting. Martin Painting always pays attention to customer needs and satisfaction.

- Honda
Martin Painting workers were courteous, very respectable and completed their work in a very professional manner. I could not have asked for anything better.

- Multiple Westerville Offices
The Martin Painting foreman for this job was very professional and supplied us with accurate and prompt information. It was a pleasure working with this crew! A very fine job!

- Packaging Warehouse
 The quality of work, especially downstairs, was excellent given that your guys had to work around the equipment. Overall paint work upstairs and downstairs was great! The extra punch-out work was much appreciated. Martin Painting always goes above and beyond what was expected to ensure the outcome was what I wanted.

- Honda
Steve did a great job and was great to work with. I think he really focuses on the project, staying ahead of others all while looking out for Martin Painting’s best interest to ensure they are being productive. It’s been great working with Martin Painting on this project and I look forward to working with you on the next project.

- General Contractor
Martin Painting really has done a beautiful job on this project. A job like that really can’t go without somebody saying what a beautiful job the painters did. The crew was great and were all really nice young hard workers.

- Hospital Boiler Room
 I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for the services provided by all the members of Martin Painting that I have worked with over the past year. I specially commend your foreman for his work and his positive effort to provide the best possible job…You went beyond, realizing long-term relationships and your own organizational goals, and truly arrived at the point of Total Customer Satisfaction.

- Mead

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