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  Abrasive Blasting Services

Pairing our decades of experience with the very latest in blasting techniques, Martin Painting & Coating has become the leading provider of abrasive blasting services here in central Ohio. We specialize in selecting the most efficient and effective methods of industrial sandblasting for your property’s specific needs.

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Our Industrial Abrasive Blasting Services

What is Abrasive Sandblasting?

Abrasive sandblasting is a technique of using pressurized water or air to propel abrasive media against a surface, for a number of purposes, one of which can be to remove coating, any type of corrosion, or contamination. It is also known as grit blasting or media blasting, used to make a rough surface smooth or a smooth surface rough. Abrasive sandblasting can shape a surface, and clean and prepare a surface or finish a surface.

There are several types of abrasive sandblasting, including steel shot, steel grit, glass beads, aluminum oxide, crushed glass, and many more that are unique to each application. There are also different methods, media types, and applications for abrasive sandblasting.

How Abrasive Sandblasting Works

The science behind abrasive sandblasting is when compressed air or a type of powered wheel propels media at a blasted surface. This stream of air has high-velocity particles that essentially clean or provide texture to a given surface.

Sandblasting vs Abrasive Blasting

Benefits of Abrasive Blasting

Our Dustless Blasting Techniques

Dustless industrial blasting, including waterborne slurry and vapor blasting, is a specialized technique that reduces dust and blasting emissions by up to 90%. This contains the process and reduces clean-up, allowing us to work effectively while minimally impacting your industrial or commercial environment.

Other benefits of dustless blasting include:

Dry Ice Blasting and Industrial Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is an ideal technique for in-depth cleaning without risking any damage to either the substrate or any nearby sensitive equipment. The process of dry ice blasting occurs when a solid form of carbon dioxide is blasted through a pressurized air stream and directed at a specific surface in order to clean it. Dry ice blasting is similar to the services we provide with industrial sandblasting.

Why else is this an effective, popular option?

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 Abrasive Blasting Services
 Abrasive Blasting Services
 Abrasive Blasting Services
 Abrasive Blasting Services

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Martin Painting & Coating is a second-generation, employee-owned company, offering excellence born out of the experience, commitment, and expertise. With the ability to travel to wherever you are, our focus has allowed us to become one of the leading providers of diverse painting and coating services throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Contact our team of experts to Request an estimate today.

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