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  Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting

Swimming Pool Sandblasting and Painting

At Martin Painting & Coating we specialize in sandblasting and repainting of commercial swimming pools. With over 65 years of experience, we understand the surface preparation and application requirements to achieve an attractive pool appearance that will last for years. This is one reason that Martin Painting is used and recommended by some of the best swimming pool builders in Ohio.

Among the value of having a beautiful looking pool, there are additional benefits that come with professional pool painting, such as: the pool is easier to clean, it stays clean longer, life of pool structure extends, and algae growth is prevented. To assure a quality job, we use only premium grade epoxy pool paint such as Kelley and Olympic Pool Paints, Insl-X and Ramuc.

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Commercial Pool Services

There are many factors that go into the services needed when painting a pool, whether new or old. For example, if it is an older pool, examining the existing paint condition helps us to ensure proper surface preparation and adhesion of the new paint. Depending on the pool’s condition we can perform caulking and concrete repairs in addition to pressure washing, sandblasting, resurfacing and epoxy painting.

Commercial Pool Applications

We have all the popular paint colors including Ocean Blue, Bikini Blue, Black, Aqua and White. We can apply racing lanes on the floor of your pool and wall targets on the sidewalls, even if you have stainless steel walls.

The service-life of a pool paint job depends on a number of factors such as how much the pool is used, chemical usage and shocking, water balance and UV exposure. On average, a pool will need repainted every 3-5 years to maintain a clean, bright and professional appearance.

At Martin our applicator teams are experienced with painting concrete, plaster, gunite, fiberglass, stainless steel and yes even aluminum pools in a variety of in-door and outdoor settings.

Some of our pool painting applications include:

At Martin Painting & Coating, we offer painting and coating services along with a real partnership focused on the total success of your project. Contact us today for your next commercial swimming pool painting project!

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 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting
 Swimming Pool Sandblasting & Painting

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Martin Painting & Coating is a second-generation, family-owned company, offering excellence born out of experience, commitment, and expertise. With the ability to travel to wherever you are, our focus has allowed us to become one of the leading providers of diverse painting and coating services throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Contact our team of experts to Request an estimate today.

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